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Welcome to Fusion Remedial Massage Training

Fusion Massage is different. We take massage techniques and understandings about the body from different massage modalities around the world and combine them into a flexible and effective remedial technique. Because of the blend of learning and our small supervised classes, Fusion Massage Training® is designed to train you to be a highly effective massage practitioner in a short, intensive timeframe that fits with the rest of your life and commitments.


Train with us to begin your remedial massage career. We offer flexibility of training and a thorough grounding in your subject through our course, which is a mix of home learning and supervised hands-on training. 


Fusion remedial massage is a highly effective massage and is targeted to each individual client’s needs, giving you as the practitioner great results and the ability to build a solid client base. 

There are 4 parts to the training. To begin with you need a good understanding of the body that you will be working on so the course starts with a separate Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology course, this is delivered online with the support of physical text books and you work through this in your own time at home. Next you get the background to massage and learn about the variations around the world through an informative reading pack. Then you join an intensive, hands-on training program where, under the supervision of our experienced teachers, you learn your craft. Finally, you practice what you have learned through case study work. You are guided through all of this work by our specialist teachers who are all leaders in their field and all of who still work as practitioners in their own clinics.


Our courses are fully accredited and allow you to gain professional insurance and join a professional association on successful completion.




There are 4 parts to the Diploma Training


An online Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course


One day of course pre-reading


5 days of intensive hands-on training followed by 15 hours of case studies

Diploma Course

Training Options

5 days consecutive intensive training (with pre-work)


Training in 2 blocks


Weekend-only study

Upon Completion

Join a professional association


Gain full professional insurance to work


Work in your own business or with other practitioners in a range of settings

Advanced Diploma

Once you have been qualified for and working in massage for a minimum of 12 months
 you are able to join our Advanced Diploma, this is cross accredited by SATCC, the Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care for working with clients with cancer. We also study pregnancy massage and how to broaden your client base by treating the symptoms and effects of a wide range of medical conditions



“I was a bit nervous before the course began, but Maureen soon put me at ease. What surprised me was that I seemed to just ‘learn’ new skills straight away. This was very much hands on, watch and do style of training! Maureen always managed to make herself available to me when needed that it often felt like the training was one to one. Less than a year later, I am now working full time as a massage therapist and really enjoying my new career”.

Keogh Reid, Full-Time Massage Therapist

Service Areas

  • UK
  • Ireland 
  • Israel
  • Mauritius
  • Select Locations in New Zealand

Head Office

Fusion Massage Training

Riversdale, Marsh Road, Hesketh Bank,

Preston, PR4 6XT

Phone: +44 7973 890 762


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