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Bridging Course

Our Bridging Course is designed for those who may have studied overseas or who have non-standard qualifications. If this is you then you may find joining a Professional Association, finding insurance or doing additional courses is a problem. 

This training is bespoke to you. You send us the details of what you have studied, the work that you have been doing and any additional courses and we will assess what you have studied against what is required of a Level 3 course here in the UK. We then design a package of training for you and work with you to help you complete this.

Costs start from £400, additional training days are charged at £200 per day (or £150 if you can tie in with an existing course we are running). You will get a full breakdown of costs and what will be required before you commit to taking the training.

Please email us at the address below with your inquiry.

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