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About Fusion Massage Training®

Fusion Remedial Massage Training provides short and intensive massage courses for those wanting to work in the massage industry. It also provides Advanced massage courses for existing practitioners. Our massage courses are short and intense and through them, you can gain professional recognition on completion of your training and in all the countries we work in. You can also get full insurance to work in the massage industry.


Massage has been an important part of health care around the world for millennia, and there are many different styles and approaches to massage. Generally speaking, Western massage primarily focuses on the musculature system whilst Eastern forms concentrate on the body’s energy system. Fusion Massage brings these together into one powerful and effective massage.


Fusion Massage looks at the body as a whole; we don’t just treat one area. If a client presents with pain or restricted movement in one part of the body, the problem may well originate elsewhere in the body. Fusion Massage tracks and then treats the source of the pain, giving longer-lasting and quicker results. Every Fusion Massage treatment is different; we do not follow a set formula or sequence of strokes. Instead, the massage is tailored to every individual for every treatment.


On our massage training courses, you will learn how integrated the body is. We don’t just treat individual muscles or muscle groups, we will explore how the skin, fascia, and connective tissue will impact on muscle tension. With a firm understanding of Anatomy and Physiology underpinning our courses you will be taught how to ‘read’ with your hands and understand the tension held in a body, tracking tension back to its root source. You will learn powerful and effective techniques to clear this tension, which allows the body to return to a deep state of relaxation, release restriction, and reduce pain.


Fusion Massage is a deep tissue treatment, but this is geared to the needs of the individual client. This allows the treatment to be deep and, at the same time, deeply relaxing. Working with the client’s breathing, we work systematically and in a way that allows the client to experience a deep sense of relief and well-being. We often find release from the problems or pain that has made them seek massage treatment. If you join us on one of our massage courses, you will learn day by day how to do this, building across the course to be able to give a full massage.


Fusion massage does not just treat one area; instead, it looks to find where the root of that tension is. For example, pain in the neck and shoulders may originate from tension in the hands or head while pain in the hips may originate in the feet. On our courses, you will learn how to diagnose client’s problems and then treat this tension at its roots. For some people, their tension might be caught up with past stresses or traumas. Fusion Massage will help them to release this and allow both the body and mind to relax.


Because Fusion Massage is based on an understanding of how the physical body works and how the energetic and emotional body interacts with the physical, we can train you quickly, effectively, and safely.


All of our teachers are experienced practitioners who still run busy clinics, treating people on a daily basis. All have a passion for ongoing learning.


We provide ongoing support for those who have completed our course through our Facebook forum, where former students can post questions and get support and answers from our teaching team and other Fusion Massage practitioners.

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