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Continual Professional Development for Spas and groups

If you are an existing spa or clinic who are currently offering beauty and relaxation treatments but you would like to widen your market to offer remedial treatments then we can train your staff onsite as a group. We will travel to you and offer bespoke training to your staff. 

This saves on staff time and travel and brings everyone up to the same level in a short space of time.

An example of what can be offered is given opposite but do email us to ask if you would like to talk about options and other training.

Detailed hand treatments

This is a 5 hour course. Designed so your staff can offer detailed remedial hand treatments. 

5 hours

Detailed foot massage

A deep treatment designed to help alleviate foot, leg, knee, hip and lower back pain

5 hours

Head Massage

The course looks at how to safely give a deeply relaxing head massage, this can help with stress, headaches and teeth gritting

5 hours

Ear Candling Practitioner

On completion of the course your therapists will be able to offer ear candling treatments.

5 hours

Remedial upper body treatments

This detailed course will build on your practitioners existing massage qualifications (e.g. Swedish) to allow them to safely and effectively give a remedial / deep tissue upper body treatment.

2 days

Remedial lower body treatments

An intensive course designed to teach your therapists how to give effective lower body treatments including hip releases and treating muscular sciatic pain.

2 days

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