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Get to Know the Fusion Massage Training Team


Maureen Abson, Senior Teacher

Our founder is a fully qualified and experienced teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience. She is very passionate about high-quality teaching and learning. From working in high-security prisons to running massage trainings as well as training secondary classroom teachers, Maureen has diverse professional experiences that she continually learns from.

Maureen has been teaching massage techniques around the world for more than 8 years. Aside from traditional training in anatomy and physiology, she also studied structural anatomy under Gil Hedley’s human dissection programme.

Maureen mainly teaches in the North of England, where she runs a very busy clinic. To meet the demand for her teaching services, she also conducts courses in Scotland, New Zealand, Spain, and other parts of the world. She is also passionate about Continual Professional Developments and has recently qualified in the traditional Maori forms of RomiRomi and MiriMiri.

Aside from teaching, Maureen is also the author of “Healing Massage: An A-Z Guide for More than Forty Medical Conditions.”  

Michael McElroy, Teacher

Michael is a fully qualified acupuncturist, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialist, massage therapist, and holistic health practitioner. He has many years of experience and has a passion for learning and development. Michael runs a very busy practice in Dublin, and focuses on running our Ireland courses.

With his TCM background and extensive experience in treating a diverse set of clients, Michael is able to provide a unique and effective perspective in all his courses. 

Marianne Hatchwell, Teacher

Marianne is our teacher in Jerusalem. She is an experienced massage service provider and runs a practice in central Jerusalem.

Her training experiences include stints in the UK, Israel, and Germany. She has also trained with Maureen on how to teach fusion massage to others. Marianne brings enthusiasm and passion for knowledge in everything that she does.

Carine Le-Breton-Ah Youne, Teacher

An experienced massage practitioner based in Mauritius, Carine has also trained with Maureen. Her busy clinic treats a wide range of clients and focuses on providing assistance on how to release emotional and physical tension. She will be running bilingual courses (French and English) in Mauritius and Reunion Island. 

Marina Shtefan, Teacher

Marina is an experienced massage practitioner who delivers courses in Russian. She completed her fusion teacher training in autumn 2015 and now runs a well-known bilingual practice in Richmond, London. Her courses are currently only available in London, but there are plans to expand to Russia in the near future. 

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