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Healing Massage Textbook

Written by our senior teacher, Maureen Abson, this text book looks at using massage for more than 40 different medical conditions.

The books gives detail about the condition and how it may impact on the individual. It then looks at the contraindications to treatment, that is, what you need to take into account in order to give a safe treatment. Having set this context it gives details of how to massage effectively and safely. 

If you are thinking of joining a course but are not too sure, the text book will give you an idea of the style of teaching we use at Fusion Massage Training.

It is available from a number of sellers, the Amazon link is below. If you are outside the UK we recommend the Book Depository for free international postage.

Course Resources

All of our courses come with full course material so there is no need to purchase any additional materials. Do have a look at some of our blogs as background reading.

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