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What makes one massage practitioner be busy with clients, with a waiting list and another offering cut price massage and special coupons?

The key difference between a busy and a not busy practitioner is that the booked out ones are effective at helping their clients feel better. There are many different types of massage, some soft and gentle, some very deep and some outright painful!

Fusion massage is a highly effective massage and is targeted to each individual client’s needs, giving you as the practitioner great results and the ability to build a solid client base.

There are many massage styles across the world and Fusion massage brings together some of the best features of each of them to combine them into a powerful and effective massage, delivered to the depth that is right for your individual client.

Fusion massage training® is designed to train you to be a highly effective massage practitioner in a short space of time.

The training in brief constitutes:

  • An online Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course
  • One day of course pre-reading
  • The choice of 5 or 7 days of intensive hands on training followed by 15 hours of case studies
  • The opportunity to develop your skills further with our Advanced course once you have 12 months experience working with the massage.

On completion of the course you can:

We offer the 5 and 7 day practical training in 3 formats:

  • 5/7 days consecutive intensive training
  • Training in 2 blocks
  • Weekend-only study

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