Did you make any new year’s resolutions? Mine was to get more sleep and I’m still working on that one!

While we might make New Year’s Resolutions that’s not the only tradition concerning the start of the new year. In Spain one tradition is to see in the new year by stuffing their mouths with grapes in the final moments of the year – one grape, and one wish, for each chime of the clock at midnight.

In some parts of South American countries its about what you wear – specifically what underwear you wear! The colour of your underwear can determine your fate for the new year. Red underwear means you’ll find love. Gold brings wealth, and white is for peace.

In Peru the Takanakuy Festival sees out the old year with old grudges and arguments sorted out by a fist fight so that the new year starts with no baggage and problems hanging on from the previous year.

Often our resolutions are about what we won’t do in order to get a positive outcome – we won’t overeat so that we lose weight, we’ll stop smoking so that our health improves, we won’t be such couch potatoes so that we will get fitter. New Year resolutions are often about what we will do to make positive changes in our lives – if yours was to change job, do something more exciting or become your own boss – then why not look at one of our massage training courses. Take control of your working hours, be your own boss and help people feel better while you work – not a bad start to the year!


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