Booking terms and conditions:

What Fusion Massage Training promises you:

We are passionate about high-quality massage training and will provide the course to you as outlined in the course description.

We will respond to your questions or concerns quickly and in full.

We will always act with honesty and integrity.

We never sell, rent, trade or swap your personal information with any other company or individual for any reason except as may be required by law.

Your health and welfare during your training is of the utmost importance to us and we will work with you to deliver the training in a safe and responsible manner.

What Fusion Massage Training asks of you and which you agree to by enrolling in the programme.

Fusion Massage Training Course Cancellation Policy

1. Finance

1.1 A place on the course is only held for you once the deposit has been paid. Deposits for all courses are non-refundable but may be transferred to another Fusion Massage Training course with 6 weeks notice given in writing. A £50 admin fee will be charged for all course changes.

1.2 If we have to cancel a course you may transfer your booking to another course location or date without any admin fee, or a full refund will be given.

1.3 In the event of cancellation on your part, for any reason less than 10 days before the course begins, including illness, you are liable for the full course fees. Fusion Massage Training agrees to undertake all reasonable measures to fill the space and you can also find someone else to take your place provided they agree to these terms and conditions.

1.4 Full course fees must be paid two weeks prior to the start of the course.

1.5 Fusion Massage Training courses are designed to help you quickly and confidently develop your skills, however in the unlikely event that the trainer responsible for the course does not judge a student to be competent to massage safely and effectively at the end of the course, that student will not be accredited at that stage but will be invited to re-attend a further course at no additional charge to the student. If the student still does not meet the standards required after two courses additional charges would apply for further training.

2. Professional Behaviour

2.1 Fusion Massage Training courses are professional training courses and all students are expected to act professionally. Full attendance is expected and you are expected to be at the class ready for the start time and to complete the full day’s training.

2.2 All participants on the course must be considerate of fellow learners, confidentiality of information shared by course participants must be respected. No behaviour of a sexual, aggressive, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise socially unacceptable nature will be tolerated on the course and Fusion Massage Training reserve the right to exclude a student from the course for such behaviour. Refunds would not be given in this situation.

2.3 Dress code. The dress code for the course is loose and comfortable clothing, this should not be too revealing and clothing with offensive logos or wording are not permitted.

3. Limits of Liability – in keeping with the law

3.1 In joining the course you take full responsibility for your training and within the boundaries of law, relinquish any and all rights that you might otherwise have to hold Fusion Massage Training responsible legally, financially, or otherwise for any claim that might arise in consideration of your participation in said training. You hereby release and forever discharge Fusion Massage Training, and its officers, board, and employees, jointly and severally from any and all actions, causes of actions, claims and demands, upon or by reason of any damage, loss or injury, which hereafter may be sustained in relation to said training.

4. Certification and accreditation

4.1 On completion of the practical training elements of the course students must complete 15 hours of case studies. Certification will only be issued on successful completion of the case studies, most insurance companies will only provide insurance on evidence of certification. We will post your certificate to you no later than one week after your case studies have been submitted and approved.

4.2 Once you have successfully completed the course and gained your certification you can use the term Fusion Massage Practitioner in your advertising and in describing yourself unless local law where you live restricts the use of the term Massage or Practitioner. We do not teach anywhere where this term is currently restricted. For one year after you complete your training and after you have forwarded proof of your insurance cover, you will be listed free of charge on our Find a Practitioner page, thereafter the charge for this listing is £20 pa.


Course materials must not be reproduced elsewhere or published in paper or online.