"I can honestly say I have loved every minute of the Fusion Remedial Massage course. It has far exceeded my expectations on the value and benefits that can be gained from massage. As a new therapist I feel I have very quickly gained confidence and knowledge through the detailed practical sessions. Maureen is a great teacher. The best bit is that it's been great fun along the way."

Cheryl, Preston 2019

First may I just say what a wonderful experience this journey has been so far. The Jaffa Hostel in Tel Aviv was a wonderful location.

The hands on practice provided me with the biggest take away. As for my instructor, from the first moment that Marianne Hatchwell introduced herself to us, I could tell that she is passionate about her profession and the opportunity to share her knowledge and experience with us. Her calm and holistic teaching approach ensured that all of the course components were met and she provided real life examples from her practice to reinforce the theory. She utilized adult learning principles in her teaching approach by ensuring each student remained engaged through the use of appropriate questioning, demonstration and practice time.

PaulTel Aviv Course feedback

Massage therapy provides a special dimension in health care to help clients in ways that no other discipline can match. Massage therapy is an essential element in providing treatment and prevention of acute and chronically painful conditions and ailments.

As a health professional in the Mining Industry, I’m also a qualified massage therapist. I treat numerous cases of work related and non work related musculoskeletal conditions to reduce lost time injury / illness at work, as well as managing the 2000 man site medical facility.

I was one of Maureen’s Australian students when I did my Diploma Refresher massage course and a year later, my Advanced Diploma. I’ve always been a firm believer of evidence based massage therapy and Maureen’s courses incorporate compulsory application of Anatomy, Physiology and Patho physiology to treat medical conditions using variety of massage techniques. In addition to delivering core units, Maureen also stresses on the importance of Health, Safety and Hygiene in her training and practice.

I must say, Maureen is an outstanding master of her craft; incredibly skilful and brilliant at assessing, diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal disorders and various medical conditions.

Maureen has a bubbly, friendly and easygoing personality and she is always open to questions. She provides clear answers while identifying self-care and other problem-solving techniques in a collaborative way. She’s very knowledgeable in her areas of expertise, engages other local health resources and is comfortable making recommendations to other relevant health professionals when appropriate.

Maureen is the real deal in an industry full of “wannabees” and she is the standard by which any therapist trainer should be measured.

Elena Lim (BSc. Nursing, Diploma in Paramedical Science, Advanced Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy, Diploma in OH&S, Diploma in Management)Occupational Health Nurse, Mining Operations – East Pilbara, Western Australia.

I had the pleasure of being taught by Maureen when I undertook my Massage Training in March 2014.

Maureen’s expertise as both a massage therapist and a teacher were evident in her approach; she was adept at putting her students at ease, and provided clear instruction with plenty of practical demonstrations and peppered with case studies from her own experience.

Maureen’s feedback, during practical exercises and in her written assessment was constructive and encouraging, always aiming at improving her students’ skills.

I was also struck by Maureen’s enthusiasm for the benefits of how much effort she puts into her own continuing professional development. An inspiration!

LindsayNuBody Massage Devon

I attended and completed the massage course with Maureen. She is a wonderful instructor. Her communication skills are such, that on completing the course one has an in-depth knowledge of the skills required to have the confidence to begin taking clients straight away.

She is passionate about what she does and conveys that to her students in the most delightful way. She makes one feel comfortable and safe throughout the course. She considers her student’s needs at all times. While the learning is intensive she still manages to make it fun.

I would highly recommend her as a teacher as she ensures we achieved an understanding of her vast knowledge & practical skills by the conclusion of the course. She has and still is also available for any further queries. Her kindness is outstanding.

Cynthia KeatingIreland

Maureen – A friend, a mentor, a teacher and an inspiration.

So often I have come across teachers who have the experience but have lost their passion for teaching. Maureen is different. Not only does she teach with enthusiasm and kindness, she quickly gets to know each student on a personal level and makes everyone feel she is there only for them. I have no idea how she does this. Everyone on the course feels special and encouraged and the atmosphere is warm and caring. She is truly remarkable.

Good things come to those who wait. For me, this came true on the fourth day of the course Maureen was teaching when I received my first top to toe massage from her. Not only did she help me get rid of my old AND new tension, chronic back pain, headache and emotional blockages I did not even know I had (!), I also learned about more complex massage techniques that I am still able to use on my own clients today. A truly mind blowing experience.

After the course I returned to my home country and started massaging friends and family. Almost immediately, I came across some cases that, although I had an idea and intuition how to proceed with, I needed and wanted confirmation. The support received from Maureen that day and ever since then has been outstanding. She always finds the time to answer any questions I have quickly, with sound advice and handy tips.

Thank You for being you, Maureen and for everything you carry on giving to so many.

Sirpa HopeGermany

I got in touch for the first time with Maureen when I decided to redo a massage course when she was working at another massage school, after being unable to finish the first one I had done. Our first correspondence was via emails and her kindness was already apparent there… I was lucky enough to meet her for the advanced course and it was just like meeting a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time.

She is an amazing teacher because of her kindness, because she does listen to you before starting to work with you. She is a fantastic person because she has learnt so much during her path on this earth that she understands where you are coming from. Her knowledge of the body, of the connections of each muscles with each other, of the diseases connected to a poor position or to the allergies one might have is just impressive. She is a role model, a person to look up to, someone you wish you could be… Maureen works with her heart, with a heart filled with Love and appreciation for who you are and where you want to go.

Meeting her and having her teaching me remains one of the best time of my life, a memory I cherish. I would love to take more courses with her and keep on learning from her.

Thank you Maureen for everything you give to all of us.

Geraldine Jacob

I had the pleasure of training with Maureen in March 2014. I had no prior massage experience, but this did not make a difference. I was a bit nervous before the course began, but Maureen soon put me at ease. What surprised me was that I seemed to just ‘learn’ new skills straight away but it was not like any previous classroom experience I have had. This is was very much hands on, watch and do style of training! Even though there were a few of us on the course, Maureen always managed to make herself available to me when needed that it often felt like the training was one to one.

Less than a year later, I am now working full time as a massage therapist and really enjoying my new career.

Keogh Reid

I have had the pleasure of meeting Maureen about 8 years ago. I have enjoyed and been so excited everyday during her tuition and her guidance over the years. I have seen many of her demonstrations and each time seems to be a mind blowing session for me let alone the client!

She is a very unique, effective and remarkable massage therapist. I am not even joking when I say if I was living up North of the UK, I would be seeking her massage treatment on a weekly basis!

I would have to give her so much credit for making me the massage therapist I am today. Thank you Maureen.

Ed Taoka, London