In all kinds of jobs our hands can get stiff and tired. Try stretching out your own hands now and you will most likely feel the tension in your fingers and hands. Too much time on the computer, tablet or smart phone, driving, carrying things, sitting with hands clenched due to stress and 101 other jobs and movements – all of these leave our hands feeling tight and eventually, aching. A good, detailed hand massage can help free them up and result in your whole body feeling lighter. The fingers are often ignored in massage as they are not areas with any great muscle volume – I’ll save the technicalities of this for our courses – but there is lots of connective tissue that will benefit from focused massage. The main hand is full of muscle and these work every single day with every movement that you make with your hands. We might go for a run or a bike ride and think our legs need a good massage but our poor hands often get neglected. Try to think next time you peel a potato how many muscles are used to do that. Be kind to your hands – get a good hand massage! If you don’t know how to do that – come and train with us and find out.


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