Carine Le-Breton-Ah Youne

All of our teaching team are active practitioners running clinics and treating clients on a regular basis, this is very important to us as these daily client treatments and business management skills informs our teaching.

Photo of Carine Le-Breton-Ah Youne Massage TeacherCarine Le-Breton-Ah Youne, is an experienced massage practitioner based in Mauritius and she also trained direct with Maureen.

Carine will be running bilingual courses (French and English) in Mauritius and Reunion Island and also has a busy clinic in Mauritius treating a wide range of clients with a strong focus on assisting clients to release their emotional as well as their physical tension.

With Mauritius being so close to the mainland, these courses also allow people to take advantage of this massage training from South Africa and neighbouring countries.

Carine Le-Breton-Ah Youne (teacher)

  • Fully qualified practitioner
  • Experienced massage practitioner
  • Bilingual instructor
Carine’s upcoming courses